Membership Benefits

Our Mission Statement: 

The Seneca Area Chamber and Downtown Impact is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and improving the business, civic, historical and cultural vitality for the Seneca area; to create a vibrant, thriving, environmentally sound and economically strong community.

The Seneca Area Chamber/SDI is an organization through which businesses, organizations, and residents work together for the common good of the community. Through your personal service and financial support, we can successfully promote, encourage, and improve the lifeline of the Seneca area. The partnership with the City of Seneca will strengthen the leadership for commerce and community development and enhance the quality of life in the Seneca area.

But beyond that, it also shows who is making an investment in strengthening our community. That’s an important consideration to keep in mind whether you’re thinking of becoming a Seneca Area Chamber and Downtown Impact member or selecting a company to do business with.

Benefits of Membership

Ribbon Cutting: New businesses receive free ribbon cutting and publicity announcing the opening.

Monthly Emails: We send to all people in our contact base, approximately 500 people, announcing upcoming events, promotions, sales, and special announcements.

Chamber/SDI Gift Certificate Program: Designed to promote Chamber/SDI member businesses and encourage people to patronize them. This incredibly successful program sold nearly $57,000 last year. This means that $57,000 was spent at our local Area Chamber/SDI businesses!

Web Site: We help maintain the City of Seneca website,, which has a listing of all our members’ businesses, special events, and information for visitors. This is the main site for almost everything in Seneca.

Special Events: We host 12+ community events throughout the year to generate foot traffic and bring thousands of local and out-of-town people to our community. Our goal is to showcase our business community and bring customers through our businesses’ doors.

Member Training, Seminars & Workshops: We collaborate with the Washburn Small Business Development Center to provide free or reduced-cost training, seminars, and workshops aimed at keeping our members informed about current issues and trends. From webinars to small business events, we are here to help our business community succeed and have future growth.

Networking: We offer a number of networking opportunities, from training, seminars, and workshops to our Annual Meeting and annual Golf Tournament. These events help members become familiar with each other personally and with the products and services available locally.

Business Referrals: We receive many calls from residents and nonresidents wanting recommendations for everything from car repair to catering. We refer our members!

Free Advertising in the Chamber office: Members are encouraged to bring business cards, brochures, etc. to the Chamber/SDI office. We are usually the first stop when people are looking for a recommendation.